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Inline helical Geared motor

Inline helical Geared motor

AGNEE ‘IH-Series’ Inline Helical Geared motors in Double / Triple reduction models having motorised /solid inputs are intended to satisfy all the requirements of a reliable drive for slow-speed high-torque application. Standard range of AGNEE helical geared motors, available in foot-mounted and flange-mounted versions, offer un-parallel performance covering output speed graduated from 9 to 1230 rpm with motor power ratings ranging from 0.18 kW to 10 kW. The gearbox and motor built as a single unit looks stylishly compact which ultimately results smooth and silent operation in an efficient fashion. The solid input version incorporates an input solid shaft mounted on a bearing housing having dual bearings of ample capacity.

Features of Inline / Coaxial Helical Geared Motor

- Helical Gear Units are designed for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions.

- Gears are case carburized to a hardness of 58 - 62 HRC for durability.

- Gear case and flanges of high strength gray cast iron.

- Available in Foot mounted or flange mounted options

Technical Data for Inline / Coaxial Helical Geared Motor

- Case carburising, Hardening and Tempering of Gears and Pinions

- Input power: 0.18KW-10KW

- Transmission ratio: 4-279

- Mounting structure: Foot-Mounted, Flange-Mounted

- Model: IH 07 Series to IH 87 Series

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